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Hai Guys...welcome to my sweet ice cream blog :)

My Full name is Monica Virgo, you can call me Monic. I'm eighteen years old and this year i had just graduated from senior high school and college will pursue at a University.

I Love JESUS CHRIST Forever because He is my Savior. I have one brother. I love my family and my friends. I like ice cream and chocolate. My favorite activity is play my music, singing, dancing, reading novel, swimming, badminton and shopping :D

I Love togetherness and i hate a farewell, and i always try to make everybody smile near me :)

So, i hope we can be friends...enjoy my blog

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

video step up 3

this is my favorite video, yeahh...because i like dancing, gw suka vidio ini krn mungkin tempatnya yg keren di ai gitu...wkwk, and dancenya emang keren kita saksikan...

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